Eminent Auto Care is one of industry leaders when it comes to customer care, quality, dedication & services. Utilizing the best equipment and techniques to fully restore your vehicle to the glory it once was to obtain maximum resale value, increase the value of your investment or to simply return a vehicle to you that is in pristine condition. Our standard of quality is among the highest possible & nothing short of excellence leaves our facility. When deciding to have your vehicle Professionally Detailed, it is paramount to the safety and well-being of your vehicle that the company you decide to use is insured, licensed and capable of honoring the service that they are providing. Eminent is one of the most experienced facilities when it comes to Paint Correction & Ceramic Coatings in Michigan.

Paint correction

Paint Correction is the process of Correcting & Refining your vehicle’s surface to remove any defects, blemishes, scratches, texture and other issues with the use of various machines, pads, abrasives and techniques.

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ceramic coatings

When the best Ceramic Coating is chosen to fit you and your vehicle’s needs, you will benefit heavily from the available features ranging from extensive environmental protection, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance, copious amounts of gloss & it will take place of a wax or sealant for the life of the coating.¬†Whether it be a daily driver or a show car that spends it’s life in the garage or on a trailer, a coating will have your vehicle looking like it was ‘Just Detailed’ after a simple maintenance wash, giving you countless hours to enjoy the ride instead of cleaning it.

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vehicle rejuvenation

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Why choose a professional detailer?

While our main objective is to provide an outstanding service that exceeds your expectations, Eminent as a whole is built around Quality.

For the majority of people, their vehicle is one of the largest investments that they will have. Choosing the proper facility to take care of your prized possession is crucial to the level of care & experience that goes into the reconditioning whether it be after a weekend trip with the family, or if you just purchased your dream car and want it to look that way it should; Perfect.